Why does the print head have ink accumulation?

DTF printer

DTF printers are generally used in T-shirt printing, DIY customization and other industries. When printing, the print head of DTF printer sometimes has the problem of ink accumulation. What is the reason for this phenomenon? Let me explain for you.

During the use of large DTF printers, ink accumulation occasionally occurs on the print head due to environmental problems. This situation will affect the printing effect, and even lead to line break. If the ink accumulates seriously, the ink may drop onto the print media, causing the finished image to be discarded.

Ink accumulation on the nozzle is mainly due to a layer of mist like fine ink drops on the surface of the nozzle, resulting in frequent loss of the nozzle during the printing process. The main reasons may be that the continuous ink supply system is too high, the indoor temperature and humidity are different from the normal operating temperature of the DTF printer, and static problems occur, which will lead to ink accumulation on the nozzle.

Because of these reasons, there is no clear solution in the market, but in the ordinary printing operation process, careful operation is required according to the working requirements of DTF printing machine, and this problem can be avoided.

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