Why DTF Printing is great for small and medium businesses?

DTF printer

First, start small and get the necessary equipment. Start with a DTF printer. Next, DTF ink, transfer film and adhesive powder were obtained. You also need a heat press machine for cutting and transfer. The required software includes rip for printing and Photoshop for design. Finally, you need to connect the printer to your computer or laptop. Start slowly and study hard until you can perfect each print before sending it to your customers.

Next, think about your design. Keep the design simple but look great. Start with the niche category of your design. For example, select your shirt type from V-neck, sweatshirt, and so on. The advantage of DTF printing is the flexibility to expand your product range and cross sell to other categories. In addition to cotton, polyester, synthetic or silk, you can also print on zippers, hats, masks, bags, umbrellas and solid surfaces, including flat and curved surfaces.

Whatever you choose, make sure you are flexible and change according to your customers’ needs. Keep the overall cost low, have multiple designs, and price your shirt reasonably.

DTF printers require much less space. Even in a busy and overcrowded printing plant, you still have room for DTF printers. Compared with screen printing, the total cost of DTF printing is cheaper, whether it is machine or labor. It is worth mentioning that small batch orders of less than 100 shirts per style / design; The unit printing price of DTF printing will be lower than that of standard screen printing process.

High quality materials and supplies are essential. Don’t underestimate the importance of ink technology to the final product. We recommend Sublicool high quality DTF ink. It has high color density and saturation, bright and bright colors, which can significantly reduce the blockage of the print head. We also provide our double-sided anti-skid cold and hot peel DTF transfer film and fine DTF powder, which have good elasticity, durability and high washing resistance.

We hope that the information provided will help you consider the DTF printed T-shirt business. When pricing your product, remember to do your homework and consider variable and non variable costs, from printing and shipping to material costs.

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