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Why DTG Business IS Suitable For You?

DTG business

DTG (direct-to-garment) technology is a relatively well-known printing technology. Many small businesses can use DTG business to provide on-demand services to their customers. We can use him to customize colorful patterns on cotton clothes.  DTG’s relative importance in the printing industry is mainly due to its impressive printing quality. Many people don’t think the DTG business is worth the money and effort. SUBLICOOL provides you with some perspectives and gives some references.

What is the DTG printing process?

DTG’s printing process is somewhat similar to a printer that prints files normally.

  1. First, you need to design your schema.

This step can be realized by graphic design software such as adobe photoshop. After that, RIP software or a raster image processor needs to use to convert the pattern into instructions that the printer can understand for printing.

One noteworthy detail is that we recommend that you heat press the garment for 5–10 seconds before you start printing. This action evaporates moisture and smooths out wrinkles in clothing. For subsequent successful printing without smudging or typographical errors.

  1. Next, you need to pre-treat the garment.

This process requires special pretreatment solutions. Spraying the pretreatment solution on the garment will prevent the ink from seeping through the garment. Of course, this process is also conducive to highlighting the vividness of colors. We can spray the solution manually with a spray gun, or use an automatic pretreatment machine for pretreatment.

Once the pretreatment solution has cured, it can be loaded onto the DTG machine and carefully adjusted onto the platen. Failure to do so may result in dirty designs or uneven printing.

  1. Adjust the parameters and start printing
  2. It can be air-dried after printing or can be heat-pressed to speed up ink curing.

You need to hover the top of the heat press over the garment for 15–30 seconds. This prevents the colored ink from mixing with the white ink for the best print results.

DTG shirt printer

  Some of the investment benefits of DTG digital printer:

  1. Print quality and durability

DTG’s excellent printing quality is a huge advantage compared to other printing methods. Not only does she print extremely fast, but she handles intricate designs, shading, and various color gradients extremely well. Since the ink doesn’t clog the fibers, you get a very breathable garment that doesn’t sweat.

  1. Customization

DTG Printing allows for many customization options, especially with some print-on-demand services. The customization industry is booming, and by offering potential clients a variety of options, you can open up even more opportunities. And some customers want to simply modify the pattern or copy it, you can also do it easily, instead of insisting on using the patterns in your pre-stored. Something like a birthday party or team-building event would be a great break.

  1. Color vibrancy

Due to its watery and transparent properties, DTG printing can capture gradients and detailed elements in intricate designs. Inks are easily combined to create more complex blending effects.

  1. Simple and easy to operate

According to the above introduction, compared to other printing technologies. DTG is relatively simple, easy to operate, and has a low failure rate. Of course, SUBLICOOL’s technicians will also conduct one-on-one teaching to assist your operation.

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