Why Has DTF Become A Big Hit In The Printing Industry?

DTF printer

In 2021, the global economy is recovering and growing. In 2021, the global economy will grow by 5.5%, and the Chinese economy will grow by 8.1%. The growth rate of more than 8% has not been reached in China for ten years (9.55% in 2011 and 7.86% in 2012). The shadow of the golden age of growth in 2021 will reappear briefly. Consumption has been the first driving force of China’s economic growth for seven consecutive years, and consumption upgrading will be the constant theme in the next decade.

By 2022, new brands will emerge as the times require, with strong development momentum. DTF printing, which is popular in the stall economy, can also see their continuous growth.

The development of all walks of life is in full swing, so is the printing industry. Why has Direct to film printing become a popular equipment in the economic network and even the printing industry?

(1) Improve the consciousness of intelligent production

Affected by the epidemic, after the Spring Festival in 2020, the printing factory could not start or resume work on schedule due to insufficient personnel. Some printing plants subsequently used digital printing equipment to complete orders; The epidemic has enhanced the traditional printing factory’s awareness of intelligent production, but it has become a good opportunity for digital transformation.

(2) Small batch order growth

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the economic environment was full of uncertainty. Consumption gradually tended to be rational and turned to “less and better”. Manufacturers changed from extensive operation to refined operation, and products also changed from homogeneity to differentiation. In the long run, large-scale product orders will gradually turn to small-scale and customized orders.

(3)The policy is conducive to the development of digital printing

Driven by economic development, the state has issued a series of policies related to intelligent manufacturing. With the implementation of local support policies, the penetration rate of digital printing equipment will gradually increase and the user group will gradually expand.

Compared with traditional printing equipment, DTF printing equipment has the following characteristics:

DTF printer

(1) The transferred patterns are bright in color, rich in layers, and stable in scene reproducibility;

(2) The printing feel is soft and the color fastness meets the requirements;

(3) The hollow out pattern does not need to be cut, eliminating waste;

(4) Less investment, small floor area and no environmental pollution;

(5) Simple operation and low cost;

(6) It is not limited by quantity, material, etc.

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