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Why Is Super-wide Format Printing Gaining Favour?

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Super-wide Format Printing is a popular digital printing technique. The principle of working is also very simple; the pattern is first printed onto sublimation paper using a sublimation printer. The pattern is then transferred onto garments or substrates made from polyester and polymer coatings with the help of a heat press at a specified temperature and pressure. This technique is suitable for home bedding, carpets and banners. It is also suitable for pillows, sportswear, mouse pads and other small items that can be easily sublimated.

Sublimation printing can only be printed on light-coloured or white polyester fabrics, printing is a small limitation. The more polyester fibres the fabric has, the more vibrant the colours will be.

Simple to operate and easy to learn

Sublimation printing involves designing an image on a computer first. You can then print the design on special sublimation paper without shaking the powder. You can then transfer the pattern to fabric or other substrates with the help of a heat press.

High print quality

Sublimation printing is the process of transferring ink directly from paper to fabric. It provides customers with photo-quality prints that are realistic and high-definition. But on the other hand, it is not possible to print white with sublimation printing. And the raw material is suitable for light-coloured substrates.

Excellent tactility

During sublimation printing, the dye sublimation inkjet ink penetrates into the fabric. As a result, it does not feel as tactile as the printed object and feels as if the image is deep into the garment.

Wide market

Sublimation printing is a fantastic technique that shines when used on white or light-coloured polyester materials. It is also suitable for sporting goods. We usually see eye-catching banners, flags, jerseys and sports yoga wear from it.

Advantages and disadvantages of sublimation printing machine

Advantages of sublimation printing:

Printed fabrics are soft and breathable, with high-definition realistic patterns. Ability to produce a wide range of fully printed cut and sew products on an industrial scale using large format printers

Sublimation Printing Cons List:

Limited to polyester garments. If you need to print clothes like cotton, you need to rely on DTF or DTG printing machines, which adds extra cost. Only for light-coloured products

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In general, sublimation printing is the best suitable for realistic prints on brightly-coloured products, such as sportswear, while DTF printing is ideal for prints on all types of fabrics in both dark and light-coloured substrates (e.g. cotton T-shirt prints). If you are still in the process of choosing a powerful, cost-effective sublimation printer, SUBLICOOL is always ready to give you expert advice on your printing business, guided by our specialized technicians. Let your printing performance be excellent, your colours brilliant and your customers satisfied.


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