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Why Is the DTF Pet Film Printing Pattern Lacking in Color?

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Today, SUBLICOOL will share with you the problem of lack of color in the DTF Pet Film Printing pattern or mismatching of the pattern color that we will encounter during the printing process. We want to solve the problem of lack of color in the printed pattern and the color mismatch of the pattern. Firstly, we need to know where is the fault of DTF. There are mainly the following points, let’s find out together.

  1. Color deviation

In the case of correct printing settings, there will be deviations between the computer monitor color and the actual printed color. Because computer monitors and DTF use different technologies to express colors, namely RGB mode and CMYK mode. Therefore, the actual printed colors may not exactly match the colors shown on the monitor.

  1. Ink color

The ink is set to “Black” in the DTF driver. We can modify the setting and set it to “Color”.

  1. The print medium setting does not match the actual print medium.

We need to modify the print media settings in the driver or replace the matching print media.

  1. Check the DTF transfer ink level

The ink cartridges are low and one or more colors of ink are empty. Check the ink cartridges to see if they need to replace.

  1. The mid-tone and mode selection does not match the file type

The mode setting may cause many other settings in the driver. The middle tone setting determines how DTF sprays ink droplets onto the printing film. And if it is not set properly, it will cause color deviation.

  1. The nozzle is blocked

The lack of ink in some nozzle holes will also cause a lack of color in a certain place of the printed pattern. You can use the automatic cleaning system which comes with the printing machine to clean the nozzle twice repeatedly.

DTF pet film printing

    Additionally, print test strips

In fact, the main reason is that after printing the test strip, we can see whether the status of the printing machine is normal from the test strip. Because we can only carry out one day’s printing tasks if we confirm that the printing status is normal. If the printing status is not normal, and you do not print a test strip to check, it is likely to cause a lot of defective products. This will affect the production schedule.

Various failures may occur during DTF transfer film machine operation. The above 7 points are the main reasons for the lack of color in the DTF pattern. Customers and friends can check them one by one according to the above problems and make corrections. If we still cannot solve the problem, please contact professional maintenance personnel to deal with it! Of course, if you buy SUBLICOOL products, we have specialized technicians to give you worry-free after-sales service.

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