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Why Is There A Big Color Difference In Pet Film Printer Patterns?

Pet film printer

Why does the Pet Film Printer print out a different color picture than the one shown on the computer? I believe that many customers have this question. The problem is very simple, it is because of the “color difference”. In general, even if the color of the printed pattern is different from the color of the designed pattern, there is not much difference. But what if the color difference between the printed pattern and the design is large? Next, SUBLICOOL will tell you about the color difference problem and the solution.

If you want to know how to solve the problem of color difference, you must first know why the problem of color difference arises. We have summarized the four main reasons why the printing pattern will produce color differences.

1. The direct to film ink problem:

Print ink is good or bad directly reflects the final effect of printing. If the printer uses ink quality is too poor, it is difficult to print out the effect of customer demand. The best choice is to use the printer manufacturer’s recommended special ink, which can save a lot of trouble, but also to reduce the printing effect of the gap situation.

2.  DTF film printer itself:

If you want the fastest efficiency to print out the effect of customer demand, the printer itself performance is the most important role in the printer process. The higher the print accuracy of the printhead used by the pet film printer machine the more realistic the effect printed, then the less the print effect and the actual requirements of the effect of the gap between the situation.

3. Picture problems before pet film printing:

Before printing, please check Photoshop inside the mode of that figure is RGB or CMYK. With the printer out of the figure change the mode of the figure to CMYK printer operators in the print before the sample test, until the desired effect is achieved, and then officially printed. This can save materials, but also in the shortest possible time to print out the product effect to customer satisfaction.


DTF printer

4. Other issues:

Color distortion is also related to computer color management, display resolution, printer resolution, and print media. Print before also check the printer nozzle, there is no broken ink phenomenon? As well is the large ink bottle, is not a lack of ink? Check if it is set to the ink-saving mode or resume printing.

These are basically the main causes of color differences. As long as the above problems are solved, transfer film inkjet printer out of the pattern basically will not have too much color difference.

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