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Why More and More People Select DTG Shirt Printing ?

DTG shirt printing,DTG printing


DTG shirt printing seems too popular in recent days.  In the traditional printing medium, paper is paper and fabric is fabric. And the printing of the two is completely different. However, with the entry of digital technologies into the textile printing market, it is expected to completely change this perception for printing companies. Especially with the rise of DTG (direct-to-garment printing) solutions. This is an excellent springboard for textile printing enterprises to jump into new business fields. And this article will explain it to you.

Customized on demand

In the past, when receiving clothing printing orders, fabric printing companies can use screen printing or sublimation technology.  DTG technology is very compatible with the e-commerce sales model. And can already satisfy consumers around the world to upload design drafts anytime, anywhere. The uploaded design draft is perfectly presented in the corresponding position in four-color printing on the customized fabric.

Less time and cost

A company can turn a $4 blank shirt and $1 color ink into a $25-$35 hit when using DTG technology and equipment. If you customize blank shirts in large quantities, you can also reduce the printing cost of a single piece. The emergence of DTG printing equipment allows us to personalize and print on a piece of clothing when receiving an order. This greatly enriches business sources.

The DTG printing machine can perform colorless color printing on T-shirts of any color, such as black, red, and white. And one person can operate alone, saving labor costs. And the whole process is environmentally friendly, does not produce pollution, and is harmless to the environment.

DTG printing machine

Wide applicability

Other key advantages of this model of DTG equipment are the wide applicability, automatic maintenance and maintenance of the print head, and intelligent detection and identification of surface obstacles based on high-performance sensors. In addition, the use of Epson’s original inks and pigments can achieve a wider color gamut for fabric prints. This is mainly to provide different preference parameter regulations for high-speed printing business, as well as the optimization of white ink printing for fabric surface modification.

The DTG printer makes up for the shortcomings, its market application is more and more extensive, it is not limited by batches, and the advantages of printing full-color gradient colors are favored by printing factories and advertising companies. Print on all kinds of pure cotton products, natural products such as leather, products containing more than 60% cotton, silk, silk, etc. At the same time, it is also very popular in personalized T-shirt customization, clothing factories, printing samples, silk printing, clothing printing, digital printing, and other industries.

This DTG printing device can directly print and cure, but DTG printing devices that produce by other companies also require a separate heat press for curing. These new customers can print personalized graphics directly on T-shirts, tea towels, pillowcases, and aprons. We can design a draft or personalize a pattern to make and share online, and transfer to DTG equipment for direct printing immediately after completion.

Great printing effect

The printing effect is vivid, and the color is bright, which can achieve photo-level precision, and the printing resolution of the machine is as high as 2880DPI. The pattern is waterproof, color fastness level 3-4, and detergent, soap, hand wash, and machine wash will not fade. The pattern is UV-resistant and will not fade.

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