Why Should Heat Transfer Film Inkjet Printer Choose Quality Ink?

direct to film ink
direct to film ink

Printhead is as the most important component of Heat Transfer Film Inkjet Printer, which plays a decisive role in the DTF printing process. The type of printhead determines the printing accuracy, ink jet size, printing speed, production cost and so on. The choice of printhead should take into account the type of printed fabric, cost estimation, production efficiency requirements and other factors. The printhead as a major accessory should also give full consideration to the cost of replacement and durability. The choice of poor quality ink will damage the printhead, so this is why Heat Transfer Film Inkjet Printer should choose high quality ink.

What are the points of DTF Transfer Film Inkjet Printer ink selection?

The first point is the choice of DTF transfer ink color.

According to the customer’s demand and the type of fabric, you can choose four-color ink, six-color ink, eight-color ink and so on. Generally the more ink colors you have, the better the color saturation and color effect of printing, but it also directly determines the color type of the printing machine.

The second point is the type of DTF Printer ink to choose.

Pet film printer for t-shirts belongs to water-based coating. When choosing, you should pay attention to the screening ink type, and you can not choose water-based dyes. The direction of application is different.

DTF printer for T-shirts
DTF printer for T-shirts

The third point is the choice of ink brand and model.

Generally speaking, the ink is developed for the brand and model of the printhead. When choosing ink, attention should be paid to whether it is suitable for the printhead model of the printer. In addition, the ink’s smoothness, brightness, color-fixing, environmental protection, etc. are all considerations for ink selection.



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