Why Should I Protect The Printhead Of Direct Transfer Film Printer?

DTF printing machine

Generally speaking, choosing the right Direct Transfer Film Printer depends firstly on the printing accuracy, and the accessory that directly determines the printing accuracy is the printhead. Therefore, the core element of choosing the right DTF machine is the accuracy of the printhead. The higher the precision of the printhead, the clearer the printed product pattern, the more vivid the color, and the more delicate the pattern.

DTF printhead is an important accessory.

As the most important part of the DTF printers, the printhead plays a decisive role in choosing the DTF printer. The type of printhead determines the printing accuracy, the size of inkjet volume, printing speed, production cost, and so on. In addition, the choice of printhead should also take into account the type of fabric to be printed, cost estimation, productivity requirements, etc. Frequent replacement of printheads is also a considerable expense for enterprises.

As we all know, the printhead is the core component of a DTF printer. We should not only consider the cost and durability of the equipment. But also choose the right model of motherboard and type of printhead when selecting the machine. A good printhead can not only make the printing products more beautiful, but can ensure the accuracy of the printing pattern. But also can reduce the production cost and reduce the occurrence of failure.

Printhead maintenance steps:

1. do a good job cleaning

Before printing, clean up the print platform area and print the dirt and dust on the surface of the release film. To prevent static electricity in the printing process.  So dust adsorbed in the printhead above the nozzle holes caused by the nozzle holes clogging failure.

2. print test strip to check the printhead

Every day after switching on and before switching off the machine, you need to print the printhead test strip to check whether the printhead status is normal. If there is a blockage or oblique spray, etc., should promptly clean up the printhead. The printhead will be adjusted to the normal state before continuing to complete the day’s printing tasks. Otherwise, it will increase the scrap rate.

direct to film printer

3. check the printhead state is normal

Printhead in the printing process found in the ink break or oblique spray should be timely suspension of printing and cleaning process. When the heat transfer film printer for t-shirts is in the implementation of the printing task. You need to check every once in a while to check whether the printing status is normal. If the printing status is not good, you should pause the printing task in time and adjust the nozzle status to continue printing after checking out the fault point.

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