Why Should You Consider DTG Garment Printer?

DTG garment printer

DTG garment printer is a printing method that supports the on-demand customization of personalized clothing with a high input-output ratio. This printing method is suitable for small and medium batch production.

DTG garment printer has some unique and standout advantages.

High-quality printing

When printing, the DTG printer offers you a variety of color options. You can get photorealistic photos in just a few minutes. Contrary to screen printing, its color does not depend on how many colors are on the printing press. DTG’s color options are endless.

And DTG garments are soft, comfortable, and very breathable. The print is thin, so you can’t tell if it’s the ink or the shirt itself.

Environmentally friendly

DTG printing can achieve the least ink consumption and the lowest energy consumption. Water-based ink is environmentally friendly and of course harmless to children. (OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT certification)

Short learning curve

Get your business off the ground with DTG printing business. Even a novice can quickly get started with the digital direct injection machine after a short period of learning. In this way, fast, colorful printing products will help you quickly return on investment.

How does SUBLICOOL’s DTG stand out?


You can satisfy the most demanding customers at the lowest cost. And provide corresponding solutions according to their needs. The minimum purchase quantity is 1. This is great for personal customization and gifts. It is also very suitable for company team building and girlfriends couple shirts. Whether it is one piece or more than 20 pieces, the price is very reasonable.

Optimizing short and medium production

For entry-level businesses, the DTG t-shirt printer is their ideal choice. DTG’s automation and simple operation make it possible to print small batches in a short time without wasting ink. It’s perfect for businesses looking for a quick return on investment. Due to its wide range of applications, DTG garment printers can be involved in various business models.

DTG printing

Garment printers have a very wide range of applications.

Basic products

Men’s and women’s clothing (T-shirts, polo shirts), pajamas, bags, canvas shoes, pet clothes, wallets, etc.

Household Category

DIY your household items. Such as bath towels, pillows, bedding, etc. Customized decoration and personalized solutions for hotels.

Special custom clothing

Work uniforms, aprons, t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts, Sportswear, martial arts uniforms, school uniforms, shirts, and school sportswear.

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