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Why Shouldn’t DTF Inkjet Printer Ink Be Mixed?

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Anyone who has a basic understanding of DTF knows that DTF printing inkjet printer ink should never be mixed together. Different brands of inks, including different batches, have different formulations. If two inks with different formulations are mixed, there is a high probability that the chemical composition of the inks will clash! This will result in a new chemical reaction, which in turn will damage the DTF printhead. We must pay attention to the following two points when replacing the ink, otherwise, it is likely to directly cause the printhead failure and even damage to the printhead.

1. Do not add the wrong DTF transfer ink

Different types of ink have different components, and mixing them together is likely to change the colour and quality of the ink. As well as the production of sediment will lead to the clogging of the printhead. Before replacing the ink with new ink, you need to clean the ink inside the cartridges, tubes, bladders and printheads, and then add new ink for testing. Remember not to mix together!

2. Do not use poor-quality ink

Inferior ink raw material quality is poor, and colour and quality do not pass. And more sediment, the ink inside the composition of the rougher, poor fluency. Although the price of poor-quality ink is cheaper, the use of poor-quality ink will affect the effect of the airbrush and clog the nozzle.

The printhead is a vital component at the heart of a pet film transfer printing machine, and once damaged. You just can only replace it. In order to minimize damage to the printhead, we recommend not mixing inks.  Therefore, SUBLICOOL suggests all customers and friends understand and implement some daily maintenance methods for the printhead is very necessary.

DTF printing ink

Tips for choosing DTF printing ink:

1. The choice of printing ink colour

According to the customer’s needs and the type of fabric, you can choose four-colour ink, six-colour ink, eight-colour ink and so on. Generally, the more colours of inkjet printer ink, the better the colour saturation and colour effect of printing.

2. The choice of ink brands and models

Generally speaking, the ink is developed for the brand and model of the printhead. The choice of ink should pay attention to whether the printer is applicable to the printhead model.

3. According to the quality of the ink to choose

The smoothness of the ink, the degree of vividness, the degree of solid colour, the degree of environmental protection, etc., are all aspects of the ink selection that should be considered.

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