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Why The Image Printed By Transfer Film Printer Is Not Clear?

DTF film printing

As a hot machine in the printing field, Transfer Film Printer is favoured by many customers. Moreover, customers who have used DTF machines know that even the best machines and equipment always have some minor problems. Print image is not clear is one of the more common, but also better to adjust the fault. Generally, when there is a case of unclear pattern. We will let the technical engineers adjust it and then carry out the printing task. Today, SUBLICOOL’s engineers will give you a few reasons why the image printed out by the DTF printer is not clear. In order to let all customers pay attention to and avoid the occurrence of these failures.

1. The original image is not clear enough

Some of the pattern itself has a low resolution, so the printout is also very unclear. Print the original image resolution should reach a minimum of 300 to show a clear pattern. It is clear that, in general, the higher the resolution of the original image, the clearer the printed pattern.

2. Heat transfer film inkjet printer precision is not enough

DTF machine’s equipment itself does not have high enough precision, which will also lead to printing the pattern is not clear. In this case, you can use the software that comes with the DTF printer to adjust the precision of the machine.

3. The position of the printhead

If the above methods to improve image clarity have no effect, it is likely that the printhead is too low. This will make the printhead clogging, flying ink and other reasons affect the pattern colour. But if the nozzle is too high, the heat transfer ink with the nozzle moving left and right, with a certain height, will produce a certain angle of the throw. The boundary of the printed pattern will be fuzzy, which will lead to the printout of the pattern of poor accuracy. And the colours are not bright enough. So when printing. Adjust the printhead to the appropriate height.

DTF printing machine


Whether the printing is HD determines the quality of the product, and we need to deal with this issue carefully. Check carefully to troubleshoot whether there are problems such as lack of clarity of the original image, lack of precision of the DTF machine and the position of the printhead, etc. SUBLICOOL provides you with a full range of after-sales services, and our technicians will try their best to assist you in solving any problems once they occur!

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